Public Open Space Design Is A Science, Not An Art & Not Landscaping!



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The late, great Jane Jacobs has shown that land speculators (AKA developers) and their puppets: most politicians, architects, landscape architects, urban planners, transportation engineers, journalists, artists, bloggers, are destroying cities in North America. Jacobs describes in detail how the control by land speculators  has resulted in the destruction of Hard Surfaced Public Open Space (AKA the  Public Realm, AKA the Streetscape, AKA Public Space, AKA Pedestrian Life); which in turn has destroyed every city’s Quality Of Life (AKA Livability.) Naturally the latter dictates a city’s ability to be economically sustainable. At the same time, the world’s foremost city designer, Jan Gehl, has been labeling the above miss-design of cities all over North America as, “Dog Shit Pile Planning”. Toronto is an excellent example of  “Dog Shit Pile Planning”; because, City Hall allows land speculators, to plop down their “big box” office and condo towers, along with the associated expressways and  suburbian bedroom enclaves  - in a Willy Nilly fashion!  Later on, ordinary citizens have to scramble about trying to clean up the land speculator’s “Dog Shit Piles” and then do a “make over” into a livable and economically  sustainable city. The main battle zone is referred to as Hard Surfaced Public Open Space; which is all of the publicly own spaces between all the buildings in a city; namely, roads, sidewalks, lane ways, as well as squares, pathways, promenades, esplanades, piers and docks (AKA The Streetscape!) The design of The Streetscape is a SCIENCE!  Just like engineering any building is a science! A Deputy Minister’s Report on Hard Surfaced Public Open Space - the Streetscape - concludes that architects, landscape architects, urban planners, traffic engineers, politicians and others do not have the required skills sets - and all need to go back to school. This web site covers the SCIENCE of Open Space Design. Click below to watch videos of Jan Gehl’s seminar on the Science given at Toronto’s Design Exchange: Part 1,     Part 2, and   Part 3.

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